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Welcome to the icon journal of kaitodoushi! Very shortly this will become a very pretty and easy place to see all of the icons I've made. Whether or not that's a good thing ^^;

And now for some general rules:

-Please credit me when using these icons.
-Comments are loved so I know who's taking what.
-Textless icons are, the majority of the time, not bases. If I say otherwise, credit is not required if you use it as a base, although it would be nice. If used as an icon, please credit me.
-Hotlinking= me killing you!!
-Stealing my work = me killing you even more!!

You may Friend this journal to see when I update, but I don't friend back because... this is an icon journal XD. I don't even friend myself back.

I also will take icon requests at this point in time, so if any of you would like me to make something, just comment somewhere and I'll see it sooner or later ^^;

As a final note, my Credits post is in the process. I know I really need to give the lovely people I've gotten screencaps from credit, but sadly I've forgotten half of them and with dial up at home I don't have much time to search.

You can use the tags, memories, or both to search for icons on this journal. If you know of a way I can make the system any easier, let me know! ^^


If you would like to affiliate with me, again, just comment somewhere and I'll see it. ^^