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Magic Kaito
25 March 2011 @ 09:20 pm
Yes, you read that correctly. This is what happens when I go over a year without updating, get really into LJ RP, and obsess over having more Golden Sun.

Err, enjoy? XD;

Ace Attorney [x4]
Calisto Yew [x4]

Fullmetal Alchemist [x69]
Greed & Ran Fan [x5]
Ling & Ran Fan [x2]
Ran Fan [x62]

Golden Sun [x118]
Agatio [x1]
Agatio & Karst [x1]
Alex [x9]
Amiti [x19]
Amiti & Eoleo [x1]
Djinni [x3]
Eoleo [x1]
Eoleo & Matthew [x1]
Felix [x7]
Felix & Sheba [x3]
Garet [x4]
Garet & Jenna [x1]
Himi [x3]
Isaac [x8]
Isaac & Saturos [x1]
Ivan [x7]
Jenna [x3]
Karis [x1]
Matthew [x9]
Matthew & Isaac [x2]
Matthew & Sveta [x2]
Mia [x6]
Mia & Piers [x1]
Nowell [x1]
Nowell & Rief [x1]
Piers [x5]
Rief [x4]
Saturos & Menardi [x1]
Sheba [x4]
Sveta [x7]
Tyrell [x1]

Inuyasha [x77]
Kirara [x6]
Miroku & Sango [x30]
Sango [x41]

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days [x5]
Roxas [x5]

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker [x15]
Link [x15]

Princess Tutu [x1]
Ahiru [x1]

Tales of Symphonia [x24]
Kratos Aurion [x1]
Lloyd Irving [x23]


And only seven have textCollapse )
Magic Kaito
08 January 2010 @ 01:57 pm
Wow, I seem to be doing fandomy things again. Yay?

Here's another batch of icons! They're mostly Princess Tutu this time, including a batch of Autor/Rue and Pique/Lilie icons I made for smilingbomb for a Secret Santa exchange. Enjoy!

Princess Tutu [x35]
Ahiru [x2]
Ahiru & Edel [x2]
Autor/Rue [x18]
Fakir [x3]
Fakir/Ahiru [x1]
Fakir & Tutu [x1]
Pique/Lilie [x7]
Misc. Group [x1]

Torchwood [x4] Or, um, inspired by it ^^;
Gareth David-Lloyd [x4]

Misc. [x1]
Random [x1]


One of these icons took me two and a half years to get around to making XDCollapse )
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Magic Kaito
12 December 2009 @ 02:49 am
Wow, I made icons again! =O Though most of these are made from fan comics, so there will be additional crediting guidelines under the cut. Throwing in a few more I've made since my last post that I feel like sharing, too ^^.

Also, apparently I never posted some icons I made a while ago here, so they're in the mix, too!

Torchwood Comics:
Torch-Sticks [x58]
Death [x1]
Generic Aliens [x2]
Gwen Cooper [x1]
Gwen & Ianto [x4]
Gwen & Jack [x1]
Gwen & Owen [x1]
Gwen & Rhys [x1]
Ianto Jones [x14]
Captain Jack Harkness [x10]
Jack/Ianto [x6]
Jack & Owen [x2]
Captain John Hart [x1]
Owen Harper [x4]
Owen & Death [x1]
PC Andy [x1]
Rhys Williams [x2]
Spot the Dalek [x1]
Torchwood 3 Team [x3]
Toshiko Sato [x2]

Torchwood Babiez [x1]
Jack/Ianto [x1]

Ace Attorney series [x19]
Apollo Justice [x1]
Diego Armando [x2]
Klavier, Kristoph, & Edgeworth [x1]
Kristoph Gavin [x12]
Miles Edgeworth [x2]
Phoenix/Miles [x1]

Coraline [x1]
Coraline & the Cat [x1]

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days [x1]
Roxas, Axel, & Xion [x1]

Professor Layton series [x1]
Luke & Layton [x1]


OMG I just fangirled myself...Collapse )
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Magic Kaito
05 May 2009 @ 08:53 pm
I know I like never update anymore, but I finally have a new batch!

I took a bunch of screencaps ages ago (see: January '08) and they've just been sitting on my computer being something pretty to stare at. So I decided to make icons. They're all Princess Tutu, and they're all Fakir/Ahiru (except for a few that are one or the other). And in fact most of them are from episode 25, which is the one I took all the screencaps from. Heh heh, I'm a nerdy little fangirl, yes. There's also a few I made in the past for various other reasons included in the batch. Enjoy!

Princess Tutu [x42]
Ahiru [x2]
Fakir [x4]
Fakir/Ahiru [x36]


Cut for icons!Collapse )
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Magic Kaito
20 June 2008 @ 05:29 pm
First of all I apologize for totally failing at updating this. My life has changed somewhat and while I do make icons from time to time, I don't do it as much as I used to, which is partially why I haven't updated. That and I just didn't have a lot I felt were worthy... Hopefully I will start making them more again and updating!

However, with the ending of Inuyasha inspiring me, I am finally posting a ton of these things! My credits post is behind and will need some updating for all of this, but anyway, yeah. Here they are!

Inuyasha [x38]
***SPOILERS FOR CHAPTERS 506, 523, AND 558***

Inuyasha and the Twins [x3]
Inuyasha/Kagome [x2]
Inuyasha, Shippou, and the Twins [x2]
Kouga [x1]
Miroku [x2]
Miroku/Sango [x7]
Miroku, Sango, and the Kids [x6]
Rin [x2]
Sango and the Kids [x3]
Sesshoumaru [x2]
Shippou [x1]
Shippou and the Twins [x7]

Avatar: The Last Airbender [x4]
Ozai [x1]
Sokka/Toph [x1]
The Boulder [x1]
Toph & The Boulder [x1]

The Legend of Zelda [x2]
Link & Midna [x1]
Makar [x1]

Others [x3]
Danny Phantom [x1]
Homestar Runner [x1]
Misc. [x1]

Time to say farewell...Collapse )
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Magic Kaito
16 January 2007 @ 02:41 am
Golden Sun [x18]
Ivan [x1]
Alex [x2]
Felix [x1]
Isaac, Garet, and Ivan [x1]
Golden Sun [x1]
Golden Sun: The Lost Age [x1]
Textless Bases [x11]
Avatar: the Last Airbender [x14]
Katara [x1]
Sokka [x2]
Aang and Toph [x1]
Toph [x2]
Aang and Sokka [x1]
Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, and Momo [x1]
Iroh [x1]
Zuko [x2]
Zuko and Iroh [x1]
Sokka/Toph [x2] *is bricked*
Inuyasha [x14]
Inuyasha [x2]
Miroku [x5]
Sango [x2]
Miroku/Sango [x1]
Kohaku and Rin [x1]
Sesshoumaru [x1]
Ayame [x1]
Renkotsu [x1]
Detective Conan [x6]
Conan [x1]
Heiji [x2]
Kaitou Kid [x1]
Kaito/Aoko [x1]
Akako [x1]
Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok [x4]
Yamino [x1]
Yamino and Fenrir [x1]
Heimdall and Frey [x1]
Loki and Frey [x1]
Legend of Zelda [x2]
Blast Mask [x1]
Vaati [x1]
Naruto [x2]
Shikamaru [x2]
Fullmetal Alchemist [x1]
Roy [x1]
Teen Titans [x1]
Beast Boy/Terra [x1]
Misc. [x2]

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Magic Kaito
16 January 2007 @ 01:44 am
This is the challenge I've been doing for iconfiend100. I'll try to keep this post up to date whenever I update there ^^;. So keep your eyes on this post if you'd like to see more.

You know you want toCollapse )
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Magic Kaito
16 January 2007 @ 01:41 am
Inuyasha [x106]
Inuyasha [x4]
Kagome [x3]
Miroku [x9]
Sango [x5]
Inuyasha/Kagome [x2]
Miroku/Sango [x16]
Sango and Kagome [x2]
Inuyasha & Co. [x1]
Sango and Kohaku [x2]
Sesshoumaru [x2]
Sesshoumaru and Rin [x1]
Kikyou [x1]
Inuyasha and Kikyou [x1]
Kouga and Kagome [x2]
Hakudoushi [x1]
Baby [x2]
Byakuya [x2]
Bankotsu [x7]
Jakotsu [x5]
Renkotsu [x2]
Suikotsu [x1]
Ginkotsu [x1]
Mukotsu [x1]
Kyokotsu [x1]
Bankotsu and Jakotsu [x2]
Bankotsu and Inuyasha [x1]
Shichinintai [x4]
Inu-Papa [x1]
Inu-Papa/Izayoi [x1]
Princess Abi [x2]
Takemaru [x1]
Kyoura [x1]
Ryuura [x1]
Souten [x2]
Ayame [x1]
Yuka [x1]
Lips [x2]
Kuroro [x1]
Kagome, Sango, Kikyou, & Kaede [x1]
Miroku, Houjo, and Bankotsu [x1]
Miroku and Mushin [x1]
Sesshoumaru and Mama-san [x1]
Inuyasha Parodies [x7]
Inuyasha [x1]
Sango [x1]
Miroku [x2]
Kikyou [x2]
Toutousai [x1]

Guess what my favorite pairing is XDCollapse )
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Magic Kaito
16 January 2007 @ 01:38 am
Detective Conan [x36]
Shinichi/Conan [x5]
Ran [x1]
Shinichi/Ran [x1]
Ai [x3]
Kaito Kuroba/Kaitou Kid [x15]
Heiji [x1]
Kazuha [x1]
Heiji/Kazuha [x2]
Mitsuhiko/Ai [x1]
Gin [x1]
Shuichi [x2]
Takagi [x1]
Heiji and Conan [x1]
Conan, Ai, & Ayumi [x1]

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Magic Kaito
16 January 2007 @ 01:35 am
Teen Titans [x22]
Raven [x1]
Starfire [x1]
Terra [x3]
Full team [x1]
Slade [x2]
Beast Boy/Terra [x11]
Robin/Starfire [x2]
Raven and Terra [x1]

1, 2, 3, 4, GO!!Collapse )
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